Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Stolen Christmas Meme

With all the worry over money at the holidays and changing work schedules at work (seriously, after 8 years they're changing my guaranteed day off. I may be changing jobs, a post about that soon.) I haven't really put much thought into posts (okay, that's a lie... I think about them all the time, but I just can't muster up the energy to put together a coherent thought). So, here's a meme that I stole from, well, just about everyone I think. (But, I saw it over at Swistle, Incubation Nation and Clueless but Hopeful Mama so I'll give them credit.) (Also, I like parentheses.)

Eggnog or hot chocolate?
If I have to pick one I'll take the hot chocolate, but I'd much rather have a big cup of hot tea, preferably Orange Pekoe.

Does Santa wrap the presents or leave them open under the tree? This year Santa will be leaving unwrapped presents and a stocking for Alex. When I was a kid he left one big present unwrapped, a stocking and several wrapped presents. We were allowed to play with the unwrapped gift and anything in the stocking while our parents were sleeping. All unwrapping had to wait until Mom and Dad were up. We plan to do it this way with Alex, as well.

Colored lights on a tree or white? I like white, Jym likes colored. So, we have both and no one is completely happy with the way the tree looks, but no one hates it either. They say that marriage is compromise.

Do you hang mistletoe? No.

When do you put your decorations up? Decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving. If something happens and we can't get them up that day it makes me grumpy and hard to live with. I need my holiday cheer!

What is your favorite holiday dish? The ham rolls that my mother-in-law makes on Christmas Eve. She always makes twice as many as we'll eat so we have plenty of leftovers to help us over that post-holiday slump.

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? When I was a kid we always opened one present on Christmas Eve. Jym's family opened all of the presents. Now we open the stuff from his side of the family on Christmas Eve, over at his mom's house and my family joins us at our place on Christmas Day. Now that Alex is getting old enough to understand what a present is we'll continue with the same, adding Santa gifts at our house on Christmas morning.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Most of the ornaments are Disney. If you know me in real life you completely understand this. My dream home will have a room dedicated to nothing but Disney collectibles and memorabilia, that's how much we love Disney. Other ornaments are family antiques, some that we've picked up the few years that we didn't go to Disney and a few that I bought on school trips when I was younger.

Snow: love it or hate it? Love to look at it, would love to have a white Christmas, but hate the cold and am willing to never see snow again if it means I can be warm all the time.

Can you ice skate? Yes... sort of. I took lessons as a teenager and I can still get around the rink, but this body does not perform the way it used to.

What is your favorite holiday dessert? Chess Pie. I know its not a traditional holiday dessert, but I love it so much. And the only time I bother making it is Christmas. (So I guess in our family it is a traditional holiday dessert.)

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve

Candy canes: yum or yuck? Well, I'm allergic to peppermint so yuck, yuck, yuck. This actually causes a lot of problems around this time of the year, with all the candy cane items that everyone eats all the time. I can't even be around the stuff, so it puts a major crimp in the holiday candy at work since no one can eat it around me.

Favorite Christmas show? A Christmas Story Best Christmas movie ever.

So, that's it. A little insight into the holidays at my house. If you haven't already done this meme, feel free to steal it from me so I can peek into your house.

Just in case I don't summon up the energy to post on Christmas, Merry Christmas to everyone!