Friday, January 1, 2010


You'd think, that after 18 months, we'd have this baby-proofing thing down, wouldn't you?

Behold, the consequences of not using locks on all of your cabinets:

Not pictured: the floor full of pots and pans that once filled the empty space on the bottom shelf.

Sigh... we've made a trip to Lowe's and the install is tomorrow.

Christmas post coming soon. I've got lots of pictures and it's taking forever to sort through them. I've loved reading about everyone's holiday and I promise that I'll have ours up soon!


  1. Love the picture! My guys loved emptying out the tupperware cupboard and jumping in.

  2. Great photo! A childhood classic. I remember being little and LOVING crawling into little closed in spaces.

    Good luck with the babyproofing! We have those little lock-ie things on... like... EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE.

  3. HAHAHA!!! This totally cracked me up! Eliza, at 8 months, is a crawling fiend and I just KNOW she's going to be getting into a few cabinets herself very, very soon!

    (Thanks for delurking the other day!)