Friday, May 1, 2009


Is it sad that I'm addicted to television? Jym and I watch so many shows that we don't actually have enough space on our DVR for all of them. At the beginning of the fall season we have to prioritize what we really want to watch and then weed out any of the shows that we think will be canceled. Sadly, we are not very good at this. For example, we were convinced that Lost was a stupid idea and that it would never make it through the first season. HA! That'll teach us!

So, there is a point to this random thought. One of the best shows of all time is about to be canceled! The show is funny, well written, captivating in fact, and it provides me with a relaxing hour every week after Alex has gone to bed.

You're intrigued, aren't you? You want to know about this ideal of television dramedy. I can practically see you itching to Google it so you too can join the cult fan club. “Tell us,” you cry, “what is this wonderful program called?” The show in question is Chuck. "How could NBC possibly cancel such a paragon of perfection," you gasp with horror. (Too much drama? Let me know if I’m pushing it.)

I don't know if anyone is actually reading any of these posts, but if you are then we have to do something! Call, write, send a pigeon (or whatever method of communication is your personal favorite). Let NBC know that we love this show. Let them know that we can't live without this show! Let them know that the devastation to our lives will be insurmountable! (Did I go too far there?)

Thank you. I will now return to my addiction. Castle is playing on the DVR.

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