Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Alex has an alphabet puzzle. All 26 letters in bright, primary colored wooden cut-outs with a board that they fit into. He loves this puzzle and we play with it every day.

Before bed tonight we sat down with the puzzle. He handed me the letters of his name, saying each letter out loud: A - L - E - X. We spelled his name and then he proudly proclaimed "Alex!" with his hands held triumphantly in the air. He then pulled random letters from the puzzle board, passing them to me one by one, naming each. When he was done he demanded asked for a bath, running eagerly to the bathroom when I agreed, puzzle forgotten by us both.

We played in the water until his lips turned blue and he was shivering. When I pulled him from the tub, against his firmly voiced protests that he wasn't cold, he snuggled into me, actions belying words.

After diaper and lotion and jammies we enjoyed a leisurely bedtime snuggle. I managed to drag myself from the bed before I fell asleep and tucked him securely in the crib, heading to the living room and the warm glow of my laptop.

Where my computer normally sits there was a message for me. No one in the house has claimed responsibility for the message, but I have my suspicions.

Happy Birthday, Jym. Would you settle for a flea market knock-off?

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